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1999 - Tracey Cultice picks Michelle Cook up and carries her to the bus.  We don't have photos from the day we stuffed her in the Adidas  Travel Bag.

2004 - The '04 Picture Day got a little out of control and set the stage for years to come.

2004 - If they weren't trying to ride mattresses down the stairs, they were using them to barricade teammates into their rooms.

2004 - This is why Seniors take the seats at the front of the bus now.

2004 - Chris, Steve and I felt bad we didn't buy Katie a new GK Jersey her Junior Year so we chipped in and got her one.  She wasn't quite as excited as we were.

2004 - A picture is taken one second after a prompt (You just scored, You're a fish) to do the first thing that comes to mind

2005 - Jenna Brader (posing as Reporter - Joe Cappuccino - from the Tan and Cardinal) convinced Freshman Lauren Capelle to show up at the Campus Center the day after her two goals at John Carroll, to re-create her celebrations for the newspaper.  She was asked to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Day (a day Jenna made up to convince Lauren to wear pink).

2005 - Goalkeeper Annelise Erpenbeck painted her face to match Jigsaw before standing patiently outside the window of her teammates watching Saw, until they saw her and screamed.

2008 - Soccer and Volleyball players made teams to go around campus and re-create pictures made by coaches the day before

2009 - Players pose for a second round of head shots

2010 - Hello, Loras College, . . . This is Lora speaking, . .  .

2012 - As if I needed proof Zang was behind these shenanigans

2015 - 5th Year Seniors Ali and Alex, cheating during the Starting 11

Pre-Match Races.

2016 - Players Pose For Social Media Goal Alerts

Bread Fort.JPG

2018 - Players And Coaches Covered Junior Katie Best In Bread And Potato Chips While She Slept On The Bus After A 7-1 Win At Baldwin Wallace.

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 1.19.28 PM.png
Mini Annie - 18 Tournament Champs - Game-Winner 06 copy 4.png

2021 - Minis and Giants.

2022 - The team walked all over campus and Uptown Westerville giving away Ice Cream Gift Certificates to anyone who could knock over our Bowling Pin with the new 2022 NCAA Game Ball.

Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 12.56.29 PM.png

2022 - Balance Activation Game, . . . to be fair, Cami does cheat.

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