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The Otterbein Cardinals have seen 33 players combine to bring home 55 All-Region Awards.


Here you can read about each player who has been recognized as All Great Lakes Region.

2000 - Hayley Pelz

The 1st Otterbein (College) Women's Soccer Player to earn All-Region Honors, Hayley Pelz did so through twelve goals in 2000.  Pelz also scored 12 goals in 1999, but wasn't recognized by the NSCAA that year.  Twelve goals is the fourth best (tied with Kristin Keen) all-time single season total for Women's Soccer Players at Otterbein.  Hayley also sits fourth on Career Goals scored (30).

2001, 2002 - Allison Hoolihan

In 2001, Allison Hoolihan became the first defensive player to earn All-Region honors and matched that feat in 2002 (earning 1st Team then 2nd Team recognition).  Allison was the clear choice as the team's lone Center Defender during her four-year career.  The Cardinals steadily improved in Goals Against Average during that period allowing 29 the first year, then 19, 19, and 17.  In the four years previous to Allison's introduction, the team allowed 263 goals.

2001, 2002 - Kristin Keen

While Allison Hoolihan was tightening things up on the defensive end, Kristin Keen was creating scoring chances at the other end.  Kristin accumulated 25 Career Goals and 69 Career Points placing her 7th and 5th on those lists respectively.  These accomplishments are even more impressive when you factor in the point that she only played three seasons at Otterbein.  One more season at that rate, Keen would have finished 2nd on each list.  The abilities that took her to those heights earned her NSCAA All-Region 3rd Team recognition in 2001 and 2002.

2002 - Kami Reynolds

Kami Reyolds is the only Cardinal to accumulate more than 20 Goals (26) and 20 assists (22) during her career (2000-2003).  2002 was her best season for recognition, earning an NSCAA 3rd Team honor, but Kami was a consistent threat every time she stepped on the field.  Her '02 Game-Winner against Wilmington was the team's Goal of The Year and she still sits 4th on the Otterbein all-time Game-Winners (11).

2003, 2004, 2005 - Jenna Brader

2003 - Rachel Reitter

After the graduation of Allison Hoolihan, Rachel Reitter joined the team in a class of twelve Freshmen and immediately took on the role of Center Defender.  At a time when teams were moving to a Flat Back Four, Rachel was too good of a Sweeper to allow the Cardinals to follow the Flat Back trend.  The Cardinals allowed just five goals in 2003 (.25 GAA) which is second all-time in the OAC (to the Cardinal 2010 team - four Goals Allowed for .16 GAA).  Unfortunately Rachel's career was shortened to just two seasons due to a torn ACL in 2004 and 2006.

2004, 2005 - Karen Beers

2004, 2005, 2006 - Lauren Thompson

2005 - Chanel Smith

In 2005, the Cardinals scored a program record 66 goals ​in a 20 win run to the NCAA Sweet 16.  Chanel's eleven that season was bettered only by All American Karen Beers (13) and strong enough to earn her a spot on the NSCAA All-Region 1st Team.  Chanel finished her career at Otterbein 7th in Points (65), 5th in Goals (27), and 3rd in Game-Winners (12).

2008, 2009 - Rachel Degen

Rachel Degen finished her career (2007-2010) as one of the most successful Wide Midfielders in the program and OAC's history.  She scored 12 Goals and accumulated 16 Assists (and 40 Points), but it was the importance and quality of her goals that are most memorable.  50% of her goals we're Game-Winners and she was well known for scoring from well outside the penalty box, including a 24-yard OAC Winner in the 2008 OAC Final and a 36 yard bomb against Denison in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament just one week later.

2008, 2009, 2010 - Jenny Knox

2008, 2009, 2010 - Lindsey Rudibaugh

Lindsey (Fish) Rudibaugh was one of the most consistent Cardinal Forwards of all-time.  Not only did she finish her career 2nd for Career Goals (33), Career Points (82) and Game-Winners (14), she scored the OAC Game-Winning goal to beat Capital 1-0 at Crew Stadium in 2008, the 2009 Game-Winner vs Denison in the NCAA 2nd Round, and the overtime-winner against Ohio Wesleyan in 2009 which gave the program a 179-178-23 overall record (the first time OCWS had a winning overall record), . . . among many others.

2009, 2010 - Tara Carter

2010 - Cristen Herold

Cristen Herold assisted more goals than any other Cardinal player (25) during her career (2007-2010). In 2010 alone she accumulated 12, keeping her on the national list for top ranked assist-earning players all season.  Cristen fully bought into the team's Set Piece efforts orchestrating quick Free Kicks and creative Corners that won games and championships, but she also created chances by combining her tremendous vision with her exquisite skill, often putting teammates straight through to goal.

2010 - Tara Smith

Tara Smith earned her NSCAA All Region accolades in 2010 as she concluded her career at Otterbein.  Often the most defensive of Central MidfieldersSmith contributed greatly to 61 shutouts and still found a way to score ten goals and earn nine assists.  Among her ten goals were two of the most important of all-time for Otterbein.  Her 2009 Overtime-Winner against Capital won the OAC and capped off a 3-2 win after being down 0-2.  In 2010 she found a way to top that when her Overtime-Winner against ONU won the OAC Tournament and put the team into the NCAA Tournament, starting a run to the Final Four.

2011 - Adrienne Novak

In the shadow of six All-Region award winners during her first three years at Otterbein, Adrienne had to wait until her Senior season to be recognized on the regional level.  During her career however, she racked up 20 goals (eight Game-Winners) and 13 assists.  She and fellow Senior Alyssa Hale graduated as the most successful Cardinals of all time, . . . 68 Wins, 10 Losses and 9 Ties with 63 Shutouts.

2011, 2015 - Ali Stone

Ali Stone became the 5th Otterbein Central Defender to earn All-Region Honors after helping the Cardinals to a 10-6-2 record with 10 Shutouts and just 15 Goals Allowed, . . . all in just her Freshman season.  Ali sadly missed the 2012 season with a torn ACL, but came back stronger and stronger each year anchoring the 2014 OAC Winning Cardinal Team before earning her 2015 NSCAA All-Region Award.  Ali' awards came four years apart and she is only player to win an All-Region Award as a 5th Year Senior. 

2012, 2013 - Amanda Case

Amanda Case earned an NSCAA All-Region Award each year she played at Otterbein.  A Junior Transfer from Tiffin University, Case joined the team just as 2011 All-Region Award Winner Ali Stone ended her sophomore season with a torn ACL.  Amanda immediately took over Central Defender duties and helped guide the team to a 2012 OAC Regular Season Championship.  She then doubled the award in 2013 helping guide the team to a 12-7-1 record.

2013, 2014 - Jillian Strimbu

Jillian Strimbu completed all of her accomplishments at Otterbein in spectacular fashion.  She opened her college goals account (her freshman year) with two goals in a 3-0 win over Hiram, scored the Overtime Game-Winner in the first women's soccer game in Memorial Stadium, set the program's Career Game-Winning goals mark at 16, tied the Single Season Goals Record (14) that has stood since 1988, and so much more.  Jillian finished her career 3rd in Goals (33) and 4th in Points (71).

2014 - Alex Ancona

Twice during her career, Alex suffered a season ending injury, missing 14 matches in 2011 after a torn ACL and the end of the 2013 season when she broke a bone in her hip.  Despite some misfortune, Alex had an outstanding career winning OAC Championships in 2012 and 2014, assisting 18 goals (and scoring 3 of her own), and captaining the team in 2015.  Alex is the only Wide Defender to earn an NSCAA All -Region award at Otterbein.

2015 - Madison Burchfield

Madison Burchfield scored 27 Goals during her career at Otterbein and 13 of those came from her head.  Over he four years, she scored a Header against all but two of the other nine OAC teams.  Her dominance in the air made her a threat on all Set Pieces.  As a freshman she scored her first Overtime Game-Winner on a Corner against Mount Union only to score nearly an identical goal just days later in the OAC Quarter-Final.  Despite all the great Headers, her greatest goal was an 87th minute / upper 90 equalizer just before a league win at Wilmington.

2015 - Megan McCabe

Megan McCabe opened her college career with four goals in her first 5 games and went on to lead the team in scoring as a Freshman.  Over the years, her relentless work rate brought a number of other great goals and assists.  In 2015, McCabe scored 9 Goals, added 5 Assists and recorded the school's first Hat-Trick (vs Muskingum) since 2008 (Capelle vs OWU), becoming just the 7th Cardinal to score a Hat-Trick.  Along with her NSCAA All-Region Award, Megan was named the 2015 OAC Forward of The Year.

2016 - Natalie Ashbrook

Perhaps the most under-rated Otterbein Defender, Natalie Ashbrook spent the first three years of her career playing in the shadows of All Region Award Winners Ali Stone and Alex Ancona.  She finally earned recognition in 2016, but the award doesn't fully address her contributions to the program.  She was one of the most well-rounded Defenders the program has seen.  She was extremely skillful and often made dangerous runs out of the back.  She was a dominate force winning 50/50 challenges, she had enough pace to track down any opponent, and much more. 

2017, 2018 - Katie Best

After transferring to Otterbein from UNC-Charlotte in 2016, Katie immediately earned a spot in the center of defense.  In her second season, Katie was named Captain by her teammates and started off toward her 2017 All-Region award.  She then followed that award with a 2018 honor after helping the team to OAC Regular Season and Tournament Championships.


2018, *2020 - Priscilla Severance

Cilla followed her 2017 Offensive MVP winning Freshman year with a 2018 All Region Award.  Her seven goals and four assists included three goals against Ohio Northern in a 2-2 Draw on the road and a 1-0 Overtime Win in the OAC Final at home.  She also drew the Penalty that set up Bella Shively's Game-Winner over Capital securing the OAC Regular Season Championship. Priscilla doubled her All Region Honors with the 2020 United Soccer Coaches' Award of Distinction.

DSC_8155 copy.JPG

2018, 2019, *2020 - Bella Shivley


2019, 2021 - Delaney Earl

Delaney followed her 2018 Freshman year 13 goals with 13 more as a Sophomore.  Delaney also added 9 and 8 assists in 2018 and 2019 respectively.  Her numbers grow through multiple goal matches and massive goals at the most important times.  Delaney has tallied Hat-Tricks in each of her two years, including a 4-goal outing against Albright in 2019 and a Game-Winner in the 2018 NCAA Tournament (vs Dominican).


2019 - Haley Hott

Haley capped off her OCWS Career with All Region Honors while contributing at the opposite end of the field from where she started in 2016.  After two seasons as a Forward, Haley approached her coaches with the idea of playing as an aggressive, hard-working Wide Defender.  In 2019, she finished 2nd on the team in distance covered, having covered over 146 miles (including 8.5 against Adrian alone). 


2019 - Cassidy Nicol

Cassidy Nicol played her four-year career at Otterbein alongside All Region Award Winners Natalie Ashbrook, Katie Best and Haley Hott.  Injuries kept Cassidy from playing in a handful of games each season between 2016 and 2018, which prevented her from accumulating enough votes to earn this award earlier.  During that same period however, Cassidy was twice named the team's Defender of The Year (2017, 2018).  An outstanding Captain and leader by example, Cassidy played her four seasons as an impactful member of the program.


2020 - Young, Sydney

Sydney Young played a huge role on one of Otterbein's all-time most successful Women's Soccer Teams. During her career, the team won two Regular Season and two OAC Tournament Championships, finishing the 2020 season as the 5th ranked team in the country. Sydney never drew attention in a flashy way. She was consistent, hard-working and connected teammates on and off the field. Due to Covid, 2020 All Region Awards were presented as the United Soccer Coaches' Award of Distinction.

IMG_1774 - Severance, G.JPG

2021 - Severance, Regina

Gina Severance returned in 2021 for a 5th year after an injury in her sophomore season. She remained after the graduation of seven starters and took on a significant leadership role. Her composure, athleticism and understanding of defensive principles made her one of the most impactful Defenders in the OAC and the Great Lakes Region. She helped lead a very young team in a rebuilding year to complete an OAC Regular Season back-to-back championship.

IMG_1659 - Kaufman.JPG

2021, 2022 - Kaufman, Payton

Payton Kaufman started her career in the 2020/2021 Covid impacted Spring Season. She contributed immediately to the 5th ranked team in the country, but didn't earn her first All Region Award until 2021, the same season she won OAC Defender of The Year. Payton is recognized as one of the most technical and creative players to play at Otterbein and earned an All Region Award for the second year in a row, in 2022.


2021 - Zanella, Bailey

Bailey Zanella drew attention immediately upon starting her career at Otterbein, running miles every game, winning 50/50 challenges, scoring goals and defending with the commitment. Her impact earned her All OAC 1st Team Honors as well as OAC Midfielder of The Year and OAC Freshman of the year awards. Soon after, she was named All Great Lakes Region.

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