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2005 - Teammates console Rachel Kucharski after her Penalty went just wide in the 2005 Sweet 16.

2009 - OCWS Players wear armbands in honor of fellow student Josh Gulvas who passed a few days earlier after a fall

while hiking in Colorado.

2009 - Every Player and Coach wore a SpongeBob SquarePants Band-Aid during the 2009 OAC Final for Cristen Herold who was anxious about wearing a face-mask to protect her broken nose.

2010 - Teammates hug Lindsey Rudibaugh after securing a spot in the Final Four, . . . ending Lindsey's Red Card suspension and adding another match to her playing career.


2018 - After teammates wore band-aids in 2008 for Cristen Herold while she wore a facemask to protect her broken nose, the 2018 team did the same for Emily Ganz vs Capital. 


2021 - OCWS Players raised $1,300.00+ for the family of Marshall Medley after he was injured in a high school Soccer game.  Here, the team records a Tik Tok video with Marshall and one of his teammates. 

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